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Star Diamond

Located in Saskatchewan

Project Scope

Year: 2005–2008
Client: Shore Gold Inc.
Project Scope Performed Under: Nuna Drilling F.A.L.C. Ltd.


Shore Gold’s Star Diamond Project is located 60 kilometres east of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. This area, known as Fort á la Corne, hosts one of the most extensive kimberlite fields in the world. The kimberlite is overlain by 120 metres of overburden containing sand, mudstone, boulders, and glacial till.

Faced with the task of collecting bulk samples over an extensive area, Shore Gold selected Nuna to conduct a large-diameter drill program with an initial target of 72 holes. Holes would be 1,200 millimetres in diameter (approximately 4 feet) with depths ranging to over 300 metres (984 feet). Working with Bauer Maschinen GmbH, Nuna developed new equipment and techniques to drill holes in two stages. The process utilized two sets of fully equipped mobile BG 36 drill rigs, bentonite and polymer solutions, and Nuna-supplied primary support equipment (Caterpillar D-8 dozer, Cat 980 loader, and IT-62 and IT-28 tool carriers).

Holes were kelly drilled through the first 85 metres (278 feet) of overburden. Then rigs were switched to reverse circulation drilling, where geologists were provided with sampling intervals. Rigs were walked between holes and skid-mounted equipment was repositioned with support equipment. Operations continued year-round on a 24-hour basis.

Nuna Drilling F.A.L.C. Ltd. provided the following services.

  • Large-diameter drilling of over 72 1.2-metre holes, including casing and augering in overburden
  • Kimberlite sample collection using reverse circulation drilling to depths reaching 300 metres
  • Drill support
  • Bagging