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Qilalugaq Exploration: Diamonds

Located in the Melville Peninsula, Nunavut, 9 kilometres north of Repulse Bay

Project Scope

Year: 2005
Client: BHP Billiton Exploration
Project Scope Performed Under: Nuna M&T Services Ltd., a partnership with M&T Enterprises Ltd.


Nuna M&T Services Ltd. provided construction, site services, and drill support, including the following.

  • Erection of a 50-person camp
  • Mobilization of construction equipment
  • Provision of a custom-designed skid-mounted vacuum unit for collection of sludge from the large-diameter drilling operation
  • Site services, including maintenance of a 5,000-foot ice airstrip and aircraft freight handling
  • Transportation of kimberlite bulk samples from the drill sites to the airstrip using a Bombardier SW48HY tractor
  • Construction of a 5,000-foot ice airstrip capable of handling Hercules aircraft