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Hope Bay (Doris North): Gold

Located 160 kilometres southwest of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

Care & Maintenance and Site Services

Year: 2012–Present
Client: Newmont Mining Corporation and TMAC Resources Inc.
Project Scope Performed Under: Nuna Contracting Ltd. & Nuna West Mining Ltd.


In 2012, Newmont Mining Corporation placed the Hope Bay Project on care and maintenance while seeking a buyer. In March 2013, TMAC Resources Inc. assumed ownership of Hope Bay. During the transition and into present day, Nuna (through its company Nuna West Mining Ltd.) remained on site, providing a full range of site services for TMAC’s exploration and environmental programs. Initial work involved the continued care and maintenance of existing facilities and small infrastructure projects such as jetty repairs and reclamation at Patch Lake.

Following the receipt of full project funding in 2015, Nuna was authorized to complete additional major infrastructure work to support TMAC’s Path to Production, including development of the mill pad and foundations, quarry development, airstrip and apron expansion, extension of the Tail Lake access road, and construction of the South Dam. The South Dam will provide containment for the tailings generated by the process plant. Phase 1 of the dam will be completed by summer 2018, with plans to raise the dam in 2020.

Nuna continues to provide site service support and ore processing assistance, as well as the excavation and recovery of ore from a surface trench mine.

General Contractor

Year: 2010
Client: Newmont Mining Corporation
Project Scope Performed Under: Nuna Contracting Ltd.


Nuna performed as general contractor, as well as part of the EPC design-build team to optimize design and minimize total installed costs. Nuna provided a full complement of services, including safety, engineering, quality control, and procurement, and was involved in all planning, scheduling, and execution of work on all site civil infrastructures, including roads, airstrip, jetty landings, quarry development, culvert and bridge installations, and site services support. Nuna also provided heavy equipment, crushers, cranes, shops, concrete batch plants, and drilling and blasting activities necessary to support the work.

Site Infrastructure

Year: 2007
Client: Newmont Mining Corporation
Project Scope Performed Under: Nuna Contracting Ltd.


Nuna mobilized equipment, supplies, and a crew onto site via barge.

Project Scope

  • Construction of the Windy Lake 2,800-foot airstrip, camp pad, and tote road
  • Crushing
  • Construction and maintenance of seasonal ice access roads (Roberts Bay to the Doris North site)

Constructability & Cost Estimation

Year: 1999
Client: Miramar Mining Ltd.
Project Scope Performed Under: Nuna Logistics Ltd.


Since 1999, Nuna has worked closely with Miramar Mining and Newmont Mining Corporation (former owners) with respect to project planning, design, and costing estimates.