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Back River Properties: Gold

The Back River Gold Properties comprise George Lake and Goose Lake and are located in the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut, approximately 75 kilometres southwest of Bathurst Inlet


Year: 2018–2019
Client: Sabina Gold & Silver Corp.


The Goose Lake mine site is in the developmental stage. Nuna West Mining Ltd. is providing constructability reviews, cost estimates, and schedule development for various scenarios that are being considered by Sabina Gold & Silver Corp. Current plans indicate that construction work will commence in early June 2018 and continue until first gold in Q4 of 2020. The scope of earthworks construction for this period currently envisions approximately 1 million cubic metres of material excavation, production and placement for haul roads, pads, tailings, berms and dams, water diversion structures, tank farm, and camp pad.

During the 2018 winter season, Sabina Gold & Silver Corp. will mobilize equipment, supplies, explosives, camp, and fuel to the project’s Marine Laydown Area (MLA), which is located near the southern end of Bathurst Inlet, Nunavut. Mobilization will require construction of an ice airstrip capable of receiving 30 Hercules aircraft loads, 600,000 litres of bulk fuel hauled by ATR, and numerous 737 loads of explosives and other materials. Other small aircraft will also be required for personnel and small freight movement during mobilization. The airstrip, approximately 6,000 feet long and 200 feet wide, will be built by others on the sea ice of Bathurst Inlet.

Project Scope

Utilizing the Sabina fleet, Nuna West Mining Ltd. will drill, blast, haul, and place approximately 170,000 cubic metres of quarry material to construct pads and roads at the MLA between mid-April and August 1, 2018. The primary pads will be required for freight storage, general laydown, barge landing, and future camp pad. Nuna West Mining will require subcontractor support from WestArc Drilling & Blasting Ltd. and survey providers Nampcy Solutions.

Additional equipment and materials required to construct the mine site will be mobilized by Sabina on sealift during August 2018 and stored on the newly constructed pads. Following the 2018 sealift, Nuna West Mining will continue with construction of the laydown pads, sedimentation berms, and bulk fuel tank farm until early 2019. This scope is expected to include an additional 300,000–400,000 cubic metres of material production and placement. Crushing equipment will also arrive on sealift and be utilized to produce road capping, pad surfacing material, and all crushed products required for the tank farm berms.

Airstrip Construction & Equipment Delivery

Year: 2012–2013
Client: Sabina Gold & Silver Corp.


Nuna’s winter scope required Hercules aircraft mobilization of equipment from our available inventory in Yellowknife via an ice strip located at Hope Bay. The fleet mobilization included a Cat 320 excavator, Cat 140 grader, Cat 730 haul trucks, CS563 packer, wobbly wheel packer, water truck, mechanic rig, and crew cab. Nuna’s summer scope included the construction of an airstrip, which provided the client with approximately 4 additional landing months in the season utilizing a larger payload Dash 7–sized aircraft, and the construction of an access road from the airstrip to the camp.

In 2013, Nuna was contracted to carry out rock excavation and early earthworks services.

Project Scope

  • Establishment and maintenance of a Hercules capable ice airstrip on Goose Lake
  • Development of a rock quarry, which included drill and blast activities
  • Construction of a 5-kilometre road from the existing airstrip to the proposed plant site area
  • Crushing services for the production of crush rock for roads and airstrip base and topping
  • Upgrading and widening the existing road from airstrip to camp
  • Construction of pads near the future plant site

Route Development & Equipment Delivery

Year: 2008
Client: Dundee Precious Metals Inc. (formerly Kit Resources Ltd.)
Project Scope Performed Under: Nuna Logistics Limited


Project Scope

  • Procurement, mobilization, and transportation of drill equipment, support equipment, and fuel from Yellowknife to the George Lake and Goose Lake sites
  • Establishment of a 162-kilometre route from Contwoyto Lake to George Lake and Goose Lake for Nodwell transportation of the drill and support equipment
  • Construction of airstrips on the ice at both the George Lake and Goose Lake locations
  • Coordination of fuel lifts by air from Lupin to the sites