Miramar Mining Corporation

Con Mine Reclamation

Northwest Territories, Canada

Con Mine was a large gold mine located just south of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. The property was staked by Cominco in September 1935 in response to the discovery of visible gold nearby. The advent of winter prevented any prospecting from being conducted, but work in the summer of 1936 led to the discovery of numerous gold veins. Con Mine entered production in 1938 and ceased operations in 2003. It produced over 5 million oz t (160,000 kg) of gold from 12.2 million tons of ore processed. 

Owners of the mine have included Cominco (1938-1986), Nerco Minerals (1986-1993) and Miramar Mining Corporation (a subsidiary of Newmont Mining Corporation) (1993-2003).

Nuna's role

In 2007, Deton'Cho/Nuna Joint Venture carried out reclamation work at the Con Mine site comprising site road and pad contouring.

Miramar Con Mine Tailings Pond